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"Artists are like a fine wine. We only get better with age." -  Me, when I realized I was over 40


I was born in the 1970's, grew up in rural Oklahoma through the 80's, started my career as a SWOSU Art & Graphic Design graduate in the 90's. Technology burst onto the scene in the 2000's. Soon, college graduates were predicted to make a minimum of 3 major career shifts in their lifetime. From 2001 to today, I have transitioned from Graphic Designer, to Design Instructor, to Web Designer, to Marketing Specialist. In my case, the predictions were right. I went from being a messy college design graduate to perfecting the Calendar Reminder and relying on lists. At every stage in my career, one thing remains consistent: I like to help others grow. I developed curriculum and grading systems to help professionals grow, and to this day, I design ads, websites and marketing plans to help businesses grow. 

Another wonderful, more personal, part of my life is rooted in simpler times. A time in life where this small town girl learned to appreciate the meaning of writing with a lead pencil, walking barefoot in freshly-mowed grass, preparing homemade recipes and riding down country roads with the windows down. I discovered beauty in all things simple. I've traveled the US and a bit of Europe, I've experienced people and places great and small, but it seems nothing inspires me quite like that of my simple roots in rural Oklahoma.

Finding beauty in the details of creation captivates me the most (see photography). The blooms on a flower, the color shifts in a cloudy sky, a true animal expression and even people in their most natural way of being are what get my attention most. The absence of streetlights, the smell of rain, and birds singing are what light my soul. I hope my photography will inspire you to look at things closely, be a part of the natural world, and find inspiration in a creation that is literally as old as time.


Below is a peek into the beginning. These photos were shot with an iPhone 6S and were strictly used as references to pastel drawings, pencil drawings, and acrylic paintings. They are the photos that got me wondering what else I could do with the iPhone. I now use the iPhone, Canon EOS M50, and a Nikon Coolpix B500. Courses with David Molnar have been extremely helpful in learning about both the iPhone and the camera. I highly recommend his courses.


If you like what you see and are interested in a photo shoot or having something drawn in colored pencil or pastels, contact me, I'd love to make it happen. 

Pencil Drawing Project
Jewelry Photography
Pastel Drawing of Zinnia
Farm Photography - Popcorn
Santorini Thera Thira Pastel Drawing
Colored Pencil Drawing of Popcorn
Santorini Thera Thira
Daylily Pastel Drawing
Daylily Farm Life Photography
Oklahoma Barn Photography
Oklahoma Barn Pastel Drawing


While working on my Master's degree, I chose to shoot my own still shots and reference the photographs for drawing and painting. Once my courses were finished and I was back to work full-time, I found less desire to draw and much more desire to capture shots with my camera.


I love details. Intricacies of a tiny bloom, veins in the petals of a flower, animal expressions at feeding time, storm clouds stretching across the Oklahoma sky, these get my attention. Most of what I shoot doesn't last long, so a sense of urgency comes over me to capture it while I have the chance.


I used to think 'everyone with a phone is a photographer', but I have come to realize that not everyone with a phone is an artist. Artists are lifelong learners. We are forever curious. We push our abilities and try new things. Photographers can shoot photos or capture moments. I love the challenge of capturing a moment.

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I love nature, light and the beauty of creation. Below are a few things I have captured. Clicking the images below will take you to more of what you've clicked on.

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