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"Artists are like a fine wine. We only get better with age."

-  My new perspective when I realized I was over 40.

My name is Shauna. I was born in the 1970's, grew up in rural Oklahoma through the 80's, started my career as a SWOSU Art & Graphic Design graduate in the 90's. Technology burst onto the scene in the 2000's. Soon, college graduates were predicted to make a minimum of 3 major career shifts in their lifetime. I was among that prediction.


From 2001 to today, I have transitioned from Graphic Designer, to Design Instructor, to Web Designer, to Marketing Specialist and entrepreneur. In my case, the predictions were right. I went from a messy college freelancer to a business professional perfecting the Calendar Reminder and relying on lists. At every stage in my evolving career, one thing remains consistent: I like to help people, and I like to see businesses grow. 

My life is rooted in simpler times. A time in life where this small town girl fell in love with a good pencil and spent hot summers days running through a yard sprinkler. I played with fireflies, collected eggs, and rode horses. I discovered beauty in all things simple because that's all there was.

Since those days, I've traveled most of the U.S. and a bit of Europe. I've climbed the Eiffel Tower, sailed the waters of Greece, walked the streets of Kiev, and collected stones from the Black Sea in Russia. I've experienced people and places great and small. My life has seemed to be a series of adventure, and yet it seems nothing inspires me quite like my simple outdoor life in Western Oklahoma. In a creation that is literally as old as time, I have yet to lose interest.

Some of my personal drawings are photography are featured below. Thanks for visiting!

The drawings below came from my own, personal photography

Pencil Drawing Project
Jewelry Photography
Pastel Drawing of Zinnia
Farm Photography - Popcorn
Santorini Thera Thira
Daylily Farm Life Photography
Oklahoma Barn Photography
Colored Pencil Drawing of Popcorn
Santorini Thera Thira Pastel Drawing
Daylily Pastel Drawing
Oklahoma Barn Pastel Drawing

I love nature, light and the beauty of creation. Below are a few things I have photographed for fun. 

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