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Storytime with Shauna:
Writings from the Mind of an Artist

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Hi, I'm Shauna. My profession is marketing and design, but years ago my
soul was fashioned high up in a tree overlooking small-town Oklahoma. Maybe that's what created the dreamer, or maybe it's what makes one aware of adventures ahead, I'm not sure because I am still dreaming and still encountering adventures at every turn. Welcome aboard this wild ride I call my life.


Treasure hunting was an essential part of my childhood. Rocks became fossils, old keys were sure to open treasure chests, and pieces of jewelry were valuable no matter the plastic. My tree was a hideaway where daydreams became adventures. Growing up in the 80's, movies like Clash of the TitansThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Goonies fueled my curiosity, but it was my 7th grade experience with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that set my destiny in stone. I would be an explorer, my life would become an adventure, and no movie would be as exciting as the life I would set out to live.

And so I did, and so it was, and so it continues... just not in the way I had imagined it.

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