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OU/Army Game Observations

I went to the OU/Army game. It was good. I took Connie for her birthday. OU won in overtime and it was really cool to see the military perform their halftime show. Very precise and I was feeling patriotic some of the time. 


I'm in a weird space today.


College football games just aren't my thing. There is excitement and a stadium full of 80,000+ people, cheers and boos and half-time shows, but the only thing that could keep my attention was the flock of geese flying over the gigantic scoreboard. I watched them until they disappeared. They were in perfect formation and I could almost hear them over the noise. As the sun set, the sky turned the most curious colors, I guess bc the clouds were still a bit thick from the passing rain. I only had my iPhone so the photos did not do creation justice. I hear people behind me telling everyone how they know exactly what needs to be done for this team to be good, as if they should be consulted instead of the one who was hired to do the job. Then a breeze picked up and in the setting sunlight were the American flags that lined the rim of the stadium. Seeing that along with the speckles of Army fatigues throughout the stadium and their team on the field, it just filled my heart with pride. I was proud to be an American and it seemed at those moments, so was everyone in the stands.


The game began. According to my tight-fitting neighbors the defense was lacking on both sides. The Army kept the ball for the entire 3rd quarter. Then it was tied 21-21 at the end of the game (9pm). Connie was put out with OU defense so she was ready to go. I was willing to stay but truth be told, I was ready to go after the half-time show. lol We hung around and saw a few more things happen then we left. We peeked in windows of frat houses on the way to the car so we could see what was happening. OU won. I was done.


What I am coming to realize is the struggle college students must have to know what is real and what is not and where to find yourself among it all. I have often said 'what girls in the world are watching the Kardashians? I don't know anyone who does. Why are they still on TV?'


FOUND 'EM! They are all standing in line at the game. Their hair, makeup, fake boobs, and monstrous eyeliner were prevalents from yards away. They stand as if they are on display, while looking to judge the display of their competition. Competition for what? For boys? No. I think it was for attention. I think they just want it wherever and from whoever they can get it from. They are talking but no one is listening for looking around to see who is watching them. And the crazy thing is that they are paying $50/ticket to do this. They are obviously not here for the game. Their skirts come up around their rib cages and barely cover their hoo-haws. If they move too quick their ringlets will possibly break from their form and if they get too hot there will be a puddle of Maybeline to contend with. I would have missed this whole thing had I not been standing in line near the pods of attention getters. I had plenty of time to observe. And those were just the girls.


The guys are just full of energy and looking for a good time. I've been seeing those guys for 30 years. Young men don't change too much so it was nice to see something familiar. lol Needless to say I did not see a 'Dylan' nor did I see a potential 'Dylan wife'. I understand why he has a rule against makeup. He's right that they are hiding behind it but it seems to only be the first layer of hiding who they really are in order to be what gets them attention. I can remember doing some of this to be liked and later trying to fit a mold in order to be loved, but I get the feeling these girls are doing it just to be talked about. Maybe they will find themselves on Twitter being called 'a hottie' or hash tagged on Instagram as #soonerbabe or something like this. It's an interesting feeling standing near these groups. There were so many times I thought I was being looked at, sized up, and categorized. I never feel like this! I go to Walmart, smile say hi, get done what I need to do. I go to work, say good morning chat for a second, I get done what I set out to do. I go to the game, I take in all that's going around me. I stand near this group and my energy gets all thrown off. I see girls look at my boots and jeans, I start to smile to sort of say 'hi', they cut their eyes, and look for a more threatening girl near them. We walk toward our destination and women my age are flashing glittery pants and fake tans flirting with men holding beers. They look me up and down (the women not the men), and watch me while I walk past, seeming that I might smile at their man of choice?? I don't know!... what in the world. I'm going to the game girl stop throwing your shade, I'd rather be at Walmart. 

For the first time in my life I felt like an introvert and I liked it. I wanted to be alone, in nature, listening to geese, at the duck pond, with a soft breeze, thinking my own thoughts with the Lord and talking them over with a really close friend. 

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