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Outdoor Photography


Bugs are creatures we rarely notice until they become a nuisance. As children we could become fascinated by them. Bugs bring us a youthful energy. They give us playful feelings and renew our sense of wonder.

orange marigold with cute green worm standing tal on a petal


Get lost in the intricate details of a flower and its beauty. Flowers and flowering plants spark our imagination, intrigue our scientific minds and brighten even the darkest moods with their vibrant buds of life.

white zinnia with pink splashes and yelow flowers in center


We only have one moon but its beauty makes it a natural wonder. Illuminating the night, finding it full in the morning sky, turning to a blood red, it never ceases to amaze.

Fall leaves and bright full moon on bright blue sky


The skies are much like life in that they are always moving, always changing. We look to the skies for energy, courage and hope for a new day. 

Wind Generators against an Oklahoma stormy sky at sunset

Life on the Farm

I grew up in Western Oklahoma where the skies are big and the wind blows most of the time. Over the years, I have come to learn that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Farming will always be a part of life out here, and no matter how much it changes, the land and its creatures will remain the same. I have set out to capture the part of farm life that goes unseen. From the bugs in the garden to the dogs that run in the creeks, I  what life is like in my wonderful home of Oklahoma.

A Summer in Greece

In May of 2017, I spent 2 Weeks in Greece with students and instructors from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. We saw the Parthenon in Athens, ate the most delicious gyros ever made, spent 2 nights in Mykonos and a week in Santorini. We walked the ruins of Delos Island, sailed the Aegean sea and watched the sun set in Oia (ee-uh). The most beautiful parts of Santorini can be found on the 8 mile hike to Oia. Below are some photos from Greece, most taken on that hike.

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If you would like to speak with me about drawing or photographing something special for you, please contact me below. Thanks for stopping by!

The Oklahoma Skies

It's hard to find a boring Oklahoma sky. The challenge is that when I am living under them day after day, I sometimes forget to appreciate them. I have set out to pay closer attention to those everyday beauties so I might capture them in all of their glory.