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My First Blood Moon

I kept hearing about how 2018 would be full of all these beautiful moons. In February of 2018, I asked Keith to drive me to some open spots to see what I could catch. It wasn't great at first. Lots of streetlights from below, the sky was too dark, the moon too bright. I had never taken night shots like this before and it wasn't going too great. Pretty soon he found the perfect hill out northeast of Weatherford. I took shot after shot. Blurry, blown out, too far, too dark, too light... I was about to cuss. I decided to zoom in as close as I could and see if I could at least catch some of the dark spots and I'd call it good. That's when my camera jumped into this 'super-zoom' mode and this is what I saw. I couldn't believe the detail it was able to capture! This night is what prompted me to learn more about how my camera works.

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