Creepin' the Neighborhood & Tips for Shooting (with an iPhone)

Sand Plum Trail is a great place to walk if you like watching birds and seeing trees and listening to screeching children ride their bikes past you. I live about a mile or more from Sand Plum. I have found that if I walk there I can also look at all the pretty flowers people are growing in the neighborhood. I usually steal a quick shot or two with my phone, but yesterday I decided to take my real camera (Nikon Coolpix B500) and practice some of what I learned from David Molnar. I came upon a lady watering her flower beds, her name is Meryl (She said 'Merl' but I don't know if that the girly way to spell it so I'm doing it with a Y). I introduced myself and asked if I could take some photos of her beautiful flowers. She was so happy that I would ask!

I took several shots of her hibiscus so I could compare the quality of the camera shots to the ones I've taken with my phone. NO COMPARISON! The ones with the real camera are so much better. There is something about the iPhone that takes the color pink and just pushes them all together with little to no variation in tone.

By the time I left Meryl's house I felt like I might have made a friend. She was so very kind and thanked me for stopping to visit. I am going to print her a photo of one of her flowers and take her some tea. Maybe we can get to know one another, even go for a walk in the neighborhood.

Here is the comparison of Meryl's Hibiscus and the iPhone Hibiscus:

The Nikon gets a nice range of lights to darks in the pinks and the stamen stays crisp. The color is true to the flower as are all the other colors. The ISO was set at 400 to get the background blurred just a bit. It was 7:30pm so the sun was still out strong but her beds were shaded - perfect lighting.

Meryl's Hibiscus (Nikon Coolpix B500)