Saying Goodbye to My Old Friend

If you have ever had a trusted piece of equipment be with you through thick and thin, you will understand my loss. Today I laid to rest my very first MacBook Pro. I bought it in 2007. It wasn't my first computer but it was my best. It has been the machine responsible for honing my skills as a professional. It provided the programs I needed to develop curriculum as an instructor. It provided space for me to explore as a designer, artist and photographer. It provided me the power necessary to develop websites. This computer has never let me down. I have packed it on trips from Washington state to the Florida coastlines, through airports in Europe, and trains from Russia to Ukraine. Today an old friend has seen it's last adventure. For as old as it is in Technology years, the hard drive is still working. I am going to keep it for a while. It's about the size of the palm of my hand. I hear they are making hard drives a tenth of that size today. Maybe one day I can show it to my grandkids and tell them of all the things we've seen together. Goodbye my old friend. As of today, you will be gone but not forgotten.

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