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Myriad Botanical Gardens Trip #1 (bc I will be going back)

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Botanical Gardens in OKC. I was by myself, armed with my Nikon Coolpix B500, and ready to see what I could capture. The outside gardens were quiet, I was surrounded by the natural beauty of plants and flowers, and even the people walking around were whispering as if not to disrupt the natural order of the day. It was wonderful. I practiced with my ISO and 'macro' mode. I found that the best shots were taken up close and with an ISO of 125 (the lowest mine will go). I didn't have a tripod with me so at times I contended with the breeze and my own movement. So far as I can tell, my camera is limited in that I am able to zoom in and out, but I seem to be limited in my control of the focus, F-stop or aperture. It was a pretty fun challenge to see just what I could get it to do within its limitations. Once I push this camera to its limit, I will upgrade, but I'm still learning and this is a good camera to learn with. Here are a few shots (out of 413 I took that day) that I thought turned out pretty good. I will have more to come.

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