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Little Beauties, Big Distractions

About 3 days ago, the most beautiful sight interrupted a very average drive to work: Pink Trumpet Lilies. My drive to work is usually coupled with others trying to get to work, college students headed to class, and people driving kids to grade school. My little beauties were located right between the 2 busiest 4-way stops in town. Each time I passed, I had a reason not to stop. 'There's someone behind me... too much traffic... do I need to ask the home owner to take the pictures... I'm driving on the wrong side of the road to stop..." So today, on my way back from lunch, I decided that if I didn't do it today they would be dead soon and I would miss my chance. That was motivation enough to do a photographer's version of a 'drive by shooting', only I did stop for a total of 40 seconds (and no, I did not ask the homeowners for permission).

I present to you the ever-distracting and most beautiful, Trumpet Lily.

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