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Good choice on the redesign of your website, Seth!

Your choice to update your website has increasingly done wonders for your traffic in 2 ways: 

  1. By following the Designed by Shauna's 54 point Google checklist, Southwest Air & Heat has reached 1,866% more visitors in March of 2024 than March of 2023. 

  2. By making all features mobile friendly and easily accessible, we never miss opportunities to connect with the now 59% of cell phone users searching online via phone.



I have included snapshots of The “Skinny” Stats Report (images displayed here) to reflect your web traffic results from March 2024 and compare them to March 2023. THERE'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE! This stat report is great for alerting you to immediate increases or decreases in traffic but it is not a complete profile of your web traffic. That would be the second report included called the Full-Detailed Stats Report.

Should there be a spike in the skinny report that piques your interest, or you just like to know the day to day activity of your website, the detailed report will be one that you can review thoroughly. Download SWA&H's FULL-DETAILED STATS REPORT here to see what that looks like. 


No more shooting in the dark and hoping we hit something! 


Stat reports are tools used to gauge whether our current advertising efforts are working like we want them to work, and tools to guide us to better stewardship of our ad budget. 


Because reports like this are crucial to managing advertising dollars, I am offering a Business Stats Package that includes:

  • Weekly “skinny" Stats from Statcounter

  • Weekly Full-Detailed Stats - customized for Southwest Air & Heat with the following specifics:

    • The date your website was visited

    • The location of the visitor (city, state)

    • The traffic source (did they find you on Google, Bing, type your website directly into their browser, etc.)

    • If they are new visitors or returning visitors

    • Specific page visited after coming to Home page 

  • Personalized marketing ideas for increasing general traffic, traffic to specific areas of interest, and traffic for increased sale.

There are huge advantages to utilizing your marketing metrics through Designed by Shauna. 

  1. You will have the opportunity to enhance your outside advertising results by directing potential clients to advertising pages within your website.

  2. You'll cut down costs for advertising that isn't getting the results you desire.

  3. The success of any shift in advertising is easy to assess through these metrics.

  4. The personalized service strengthens your marketing efforts by targeting increased reach, resulting in increased sales.


Here's an example of personalized assistance:

- Set up a minisplit ad page on the website.

- Advertise “Get up to $1,000 off of your new minisplit go to”.

- Add ‘click to call’ on the page.

The stats will show how many heard/read about the deal and responded vs. how many followed through with clicking to call.

The receptionists can track how many followed through with a call, and you will know if it turned into a sale by the install. 

Traffic Result from March 2024 vs. March 2023

Sign up for your Business Stats Package today and receive your first weekly stats and personalized marketing service on Monday!
This package comes at a minimal cost of
$250.00/month with no obligation. If the Business Stats package isn't providing the value you expected, feel free to cancel anytime.

I'd like to schedule a call to discuss before I commit.

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