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Designed by Shauna - Web Design - Graphic Design - Marketing

I'm Shauna, owner of Designed by Shauna.

"What do we do to survive?"

That was the question I asked myself in the aftermath of 2020. Businesses were closing, jobs were being lost and those that didn't shut down were struggling to bounce back. All I could think to do was, "run lean, stick to the essentials and design with marketing in mind."

Budgets were tight, but they were there. Established businesses took the downtime as an opportunity to reevaluate their direction, new businesses navigated their way through the unknown, and all of them needed help. I implemented a new, old mantra: Less is More. I went back to the basics and made a list of essentials. You can see the list here.

"Run lean" - do it right the first time.

We design logos that never need "fixing" later, pack websites with SEO and build them to grow, and create marketing materials that push business forward. Visit our marketing page for examples. 

"Stick to the essentials" - cut out the unnecessary.

We provide essential advertising components that establish solid business recognition, and then we reinforce that message throughout all avenues of advertising. Visit our logo or web design page to see examples.

"Marketing in mind" - create strong content, track results, shift when necessary.

Consistent ad materials, trackable content, and "knowing" rather than "hoping" advertising works saves a business money. Our marketing strategy gives a business the freedom to try new avenues of advertising with the option to shift quickly toward what is working and away from what is not. Find out more about our Business Packages if this interests you.

I've learned, first-hand, that luck favors the prepared. It's my desire to bring the best of "luck" to businesses by preparing their advertising for today and for the unforeseen future.

Every business deserves to thrive.

But if times ever get hard again, Designed by Shauna will have helped build advertising momentum to push businesses through the storm.

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